This week is Working Families’ National Work-Life Week, and today, Wednesday 5th October is Go Home on Time Day.

The long hours culture is especially prevalent in the legal market, with parents, carers, and those seeking a better work-life balance often struggling to weigh this against career goals. At Espero Consulting, we believe that there is a better way. We are convinced that balance is achievable without sacrificing the career that you have worked so hard to build. National Work-Life Week is a great prompt to reflect on your current career obligations, and how these can better work with your life outside of work.

Simon Chadwick of Espero Consulting reflects here on the new harmony that is being achieved by SmartAgile™ working models for lawyers:

“Agility is an oft-mentioned but still little understood concept. True agility is hard to come by, but these days lawyers who need to balance the demands of work and life – and let’s face it, that is absolutely everyone – have a choice. You really can make your career work for you. There are numerous reasons why a lawyer will seek to work flexibly. In fact, almost as many reasons and degrees of ‘flexible’ as there are individual lawyers.

The degree of flexibility needed to achieve the perfect harmony that all too often in the past has seemed impossible, is now a reality for the many. Savvy lawyers can remain at the top of their game whilst being able to balance the demands of family, other interests, carer duties or just the wish to focus on themselves. They do this whilst retaining, or often enhancing, the sense of belonging and self-worth that results from a rewarding career as a lawyer. Anecdotally yet convincingly-apparent, stress levels are far lower, smiles more ready and, truly, what results is the perfect harmony many thought to be an impossible target to achieve.

There is though, a new harmony – that between a law firm and it’s SmartAgile™ team. The two now work together – skilled lawyers and high quality law firm. Both committed, on a long term basis, to each other. Both sharing in the benefits of flexibility. Both secure. Secure with each other. Secure with this energised way of being. Could this be the new ‘permanent’?

At Espero Consulting, the team operates several SmartAgile™ models and will consult with each lawyer to find the best fit. Whatever your priorities in life, work need not stand in the way! You bring your talent, and we will ensure that you can use it in a way that works for both you and our clients.

Espero clients also see the huge benefits of a flexible, but high-quality workforce. As a law firm or in-house legal team that needs to balance the spikey demands of business expansion and growth, active clients, new markets and the onset of the commoditisation of legal services, there are times you will need exactly the right people on hand for exactly the right length of time. It is now possible to build a highly skilled team of reserve talent, who can be available where you need them, when you need them, and for as long as you need them.”