With the General Election now looming large as polls open tomorrow morning, we take a quick look at the candidates standing from the legal world.

The Lawyer’s ‘Lawyer 2B’ site helpfully offers a full breakdown by likelihood of success of the lawyers hoping to garner votes. They report a total of 116 lawyers standing this time around, with the Conservatives being most popular for legal practitioners with 48, and the Labour Party a little behind on 31 candidates. Read their full summary HERE.

Legal Cheek then picks up the baton with their trademark wry look at individual candidates through their ‘snap election series’. Highlights from the series include their poll, back in March, which offered some illuminating results as to how the legal profession may cast their votes (I wonder how much has changed as campaigning draws to a close?). Read about which parties came out on top HERE.

Their list of special articles covering the Labour Party, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party can be found HERE.

If you are still unsure which candidates will best represent your concerns as a lawyer, The Law Society has published a guide with their advice on how to support the legal sector’s priorities in this election. Their full guide can be viewed on their website HERE, where there is also a link to their PDF report ‘General Election 2017: Our vision for law and justice’.

We finish by looking at some notable legal candidates in this campaign. Legal Cheek appears again with a report of the Latham & Watkins lawyer standing as a UKIP candidate in Devises HERE, and a delve into ‘Kent Online’ reveals lawyer Celine Thomas standing as one of just seven candidates in the UK for the Women’s Equality Party.

Finally, no roundup of election legal news would be complete without a nod to the online viral phenomenon that is Sir Greg Knight’s election video. It seems fitting to return to Legal Cheek for a look at the Twitter sensation HERE.